Affordable Promark P70 VR Drone In The Market Today


Looking to buy a quality VR drone? Short on budget? Yet, determined to go the extra mile to find out the best Promark P70 VR Drone in the market?

We’ve done the hard work for you. Just read through to understand what we are going to help you identify today.

People go crazy for drones these days. It’s because most do not have access to drones  and thanks to the awareness, many people are willing to buy a drone for experiencing the new toy. All we’ve seen is, some professionals using it to shoot some landmarks or maybe we’ve seen it in the movies.

When I talk about quality, there are super awesome brands that rock the drone market. But as a beginner, if you are looking to get your hands dirty with something not so expensive — there are little options in front of you.

We’ve identified the best and the cheap VR drone in the market which also does a decent job for capturing the best moments in life — We’re talking about the undisputed promark p70 vr drone in this category (obviously for its price).

The VR drone is a very popular choice among the fans. Works out really good for people who want to try out something new. It’s actually like a toy for the adults. Before buying something professional, you should consider buying this Promark p70 drone, as it never disappoints.

Promark p70 vr drone battery 

The technology as we know it today has grown leaps and bounds. Many people from different countries even do not know how they work. And do not have access to. If you are in a country where it’s legal, consider yourself lucky.

The first major thing a person looking to buy a drone will consider is the battery capacity. So, let’s look at how good the promark p70 vr drone’s battery is — comes with a powerful Li-Ion battery. The battery will last for a whole 10–15 minutes, which is not shabby for a drone that fits in your budget.

For a beginner, yes, this flight time should be more than enough. Later, after you learn the tricks of the trade from using this drone, you could move to something more powerful and professional.

Promark p70 vr drone camera 

Naturally, for most of the people who are looking to buy a drone, their first preference is the quality of the camera. There’s no harm in wanting the best quality camera, afterall you are paying for the product.

What we’ve understood while doing the research for you is that — the output video quality that you shoot stays upto the mark. In fact, this promark p70 vr drone camera comes with a 720p HD quality feed images and videos.

What’s more you could even make use of the VR goggles and feel the difference. Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality my friend.

Since the product has a pretty sturdy build, the quality of videos and photos that you shoot is considered good for its price range.

If you are a person who loves experimenting, you could replace the camera with your GoPro and the GoPro gimbal to shoot professional style photos and videos.

Promark p70 VR Glass 

This is the most exciting part of using the drone. You could just turn on the 3D mode and start shooting the world with fully immersive 3D goggles which comes with every product as an add-on. And you could get the real experience of getting lost in the world of virtual reality.

Because Virtual Reality, is going to change the way people interact with the environment in the near future. Because, companies like Facebook are hugely invested in VR tech and have paid huge money to buy VR company — ‘Oculus Rift

Hard Facts about the Promark VR drone

All those previously listed points are what makes the drone loved by many people. However, beware of things like — you only have limited information about the camera itself and sometimes it doesn’t land properly. And rarely, it might find difficult to be steady in the air.

There are also instances of people reporting that the drone losses connection with the controller. So, do not fly your drone too far away from you. Make sure you are always flying it within the range, because this isn’t your DJI or your Karma drone.

The Promark Mobile App

Similar to other products, this Promark VR drone is also compatible with their own android and iOS app. You could operate the drone and start shooting HD videos right from your mobile compatible app. It’s interesting to note that the app has seen upwards of 50,000+ downloads, which shows huge support for the product.

The price: Usually, the cost of the product is around $148 but if you are looking to wait for that time of the year, no better time than to buy it during the ‘Black Friday’. And during ‘Black Friday’ the cost usually is reduced to just $99. Can’t control the excitement right? But, just one last thing to take note. Legal aspects to keep in mind

I know the excitement you’ll have the day you buy one for yourself. But, a word of caution — before you start flying it in a public, make sure you have the required permissions from the respective authorities.

In countries like USA, you can get yourself a legal license from the FAA which is a very easy process. After all the experience of flying a drone should be pleasant and not otherwise.


So, it’s time for you to decide now. Promark p70 vr drone is by far the best and the cheapest available product that’s available in the market today. You can buy it either from Amazon or from Walmart.

Sure, as with any product, there are some minor glitches in the product. Let’s hope in the next version they listen to the customer’s feedback and come up with a better product for the same price range.


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