Natural Ways to Better Teeth & More Attractive Smile

Natural ways to Smile

There is no saying that your dentition plays a vital role in your health and not just how you look. While you would surely dazzle in sparkling white teeth, you want to ensure that the sparkle runs down the gut. And to ensure this, you want to stay on top of your oral care. 

You can start by finding out all the natural ways to better teeth. But aside from brushing with fluoride and flossing, what other ways can you safeguard your dentition? You can learn about all the natural ways below.

It Starts with What You Eat

Your doctor or nutritionist must have told you times without number, “you are what you eat.” And this is not just some saying you heard from a food commercial on TV; it is the simple rule by which most food and nutrition experts live by. And if you want your teeth to stay healthy, you want to eat healthily.

Eat foods high in minerals and vitamins that can help strengthen the dentition. Fat-soluble options are particularly rich in phosphorus and calcium, which assist in building strong and healthy teeth. The link here has more on the right diet to improve your dentition. 

You want to stay away from sugary foods and beverages as they leave behind residues in the mouth, leading to dental infection. This could lead to bad breath and put you at risk of tooth decay, so it helps if you take off the sweet tooth if you want better teeth.

There is also the damage caused by greasy food, which leaves behind oily stains that can discolor the tooth. And while it may be impossible to avoid grease in your food, it helps if you stick to a strict daily dental care routine. This brings us to the next important point, which is centered around your dental care.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Bad breath, plaque, tooth decay, and tooth discoloration are some of the things you stand to suffer if you do not take your dental hygiene seriously. So, you want to ensure you brush and floss regularly. Experts advise that you brush your mouth as often as twice daily and taking your nighttime dental care seriously. This is mainly because it helps take care of the food residue left in the mouth from all the day’s meals.

It will also help if you floss regularly, which could make the difference in clearing out all the tiny pieces your brush does not get to. And this includes the spaces between the tooth and back of the mouth. You should find dental floss that is safe for use for both kids and adults. At the very least, you want to floss once weekly, but the more, the better.

Try Tongue Scrapping

One method you can try to keep the tongue squeaky clean is to use a tongue scraper. This reduces the bacteria in the mouth, leading to tooth decay and gum disease, not to mention mouth odor. The ideal hour to do this is early in the morning and to be gentle when you scrap.

Try Herbal Remedy

You can also find an herbal remedy to be useful in keeping the mouth in a healthy state. And the herbs are not new to you as you already use them in your kitchen. Some of the best herbs you want to use for improved dentition include

Aloe Vera

Applying a small quantity can help with reducing inflammation in the mouth. You want to use the juice and be warned that it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth, so you want to note how much you use.


You will also find the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of turmeric to be useful in keeping the mouth free from infections that can lead to tooth decay. It could also help whiten the teeth, so enjoying a bit of turmeric regularly has its many benefits for health, including the teeth.


Rather than popping on some pain pills to help relieve discomfort in the mouth, you may want to try sucking on a whole clove. In addition, to help to relieve dental pain, it could also prevent infection in the dentition.

Use Licorice

A recent study found licorice to be helpful in killing bacteria in the mouth responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. You could use the licorice stick as a toothbrush to get out tough stains, tartar, and plaque from the teeth. The link here has more on how you can use licorice for cavities and gum disease. 

Drink Enough Water

If you think hydrating only helps to quench thirst, you want to think again. Drinking a glass of water also allows your teeth to stay healthy. A dry mouth can affect saliva production, which leads to bad breath, and hydrating helps with maintaining the PH of the mouth, which takes care of the bad odor.

When it comes to which is best for the teeth, warm or cold water, the warmer, the better. Avoid chewing ice as it affects the teeth, and it is best to sip hot beverages, so it does not harm the tooth.

Chew Regularly

Every part of the body requires regular exercise to stay healthy, and this includes the teeth. If you want to enhance your overall dentition, you wish to exercise your mouth often, and you can do this by chewing your food. Also, nuts, sugar-free gum, and crunchy cookies could help with keeping the teeth in shape.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Your dental care product could be doing you more harm than good and this is if it contains toxic chemicals that can damage your gut even. So, if you will not be using any of the organic products that are free from chemicals, you want to consider a simple home remedy such as baking soda and lemon juice. There are many other alternative dental care home remedies you can try that do not involve harmful chemicals.

Protect your Teeth from Injury

If you partake in impact sport, you want to ensure you wear your complete PPE, including those to protect your teeth. You could lose your tooth or, worse, suffer damage to your dentition if you do not safeguard yourself always when you play.

Quit Smoking

You have already heard this a million times, and if you want to improve your overall health, including enhancing that of your dentition, you want to quit smoking. The tobacco residue from cigarettes leaves yellowish stains on the tooth, which are challenging to get out. For heavy smokers, it can be more challenging even if they brush regularly. So, you have yet another reason to quit smoking so that you can get better teeth.

Drink Less Coffee

If you drink too many coffee cups daily, the chances are that you already have a few caffeine stains on your teeth. And these are also difficult to get out of if you do not do something about it. While it could help if you brush before going to bed, cutting back on your caffeine need could also do you better.

Use a Whitening Kit

You will also benefit from owning some of the beet natural tooth whitening kits in the market. They help whiten your tooth without any chemical, and it has proven to be safe and effective. One such available equipment is the Snow smart teeth whitening system, which helps provide a positive result in the shortest time. You want to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any complications with the treatment. 

Check with your Dentist 

You also want to ensure you go for regular dental checks to take note of any issues earlier and prevent any future problems. Also, it pays to stay on top of your health, and if you want better teeth, you want to visit the dentist regularly. 

Final Note

You’d find all the tips above to be useful if you need natural ways to better your teeth. And remember, it starts with what you eat. 


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