How read me Bro Made it’s first 100$ Revenue

Every one knows that there are people who earn in millions doing crazy things online. But what most people don’t know is, every big time blogger started small. It’s possible for anyone to make their first $100 with some effort.

Why is $100 a magical number?

– It shows that you are going in the right direction

– You get a sense of accomplishment

– Validation for your efforts

As popularly believed, you don’t need a huge traffic or a million email subscribers to achieve this $100.

One of the easiest way to start your journey today is by registering a website. And every expert would suggest you to go with Google’s Adsense to start making money. The minimum payment is $100 if you are with Google’s network.

But I’m going to share what I did to achieve my first $100 without Google’s help.

The initial couple of months will test your mettle. Most people give up their efforts without seeing any results. Remember, growth never is a linear graph. Else everyone of us would be successful in whatever we chose to do.

Once you are past the initial barrier of no traffic, no email subscribers etc you realize there are other things that need your attention. The following are some of the basics but the most crucial ones that will help you make your first $100 dollar.

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The Basics

Learning how to rank top for a keyword (SEO), how to get back links from relevant blogs to improve your score.

Initially it might look like an impossible task, but once you start ranking for one or two keywords you know that you are in the right direction. Even if you are not ranking, don’t get bogged down.

Alright, there are numerous ways to make the initial target of $100 dollars.

– Starting an affiliate marketing website/blog

– Selling your services online

– Selling ebooks/courses

– Writing product reviews for popular products

– Accepting guest post

– Sponsored posts/Adverts

I focused on the guest post to earn my first $ 100. Surprisingly it just took 4 days in a month to hit the $100 dollar mark.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I was nearing my target. But I knew this was just the beginning.

I had put in the effort for almost 3 months without a single penny and in a short span of 15 days in the month of Dec 2017, I made $100.

Look at the screenshot.

So, what did I do? Following these steps, anyone who’s new to the blogging world can make their first $100.

– Start with your content

– Regularly update your blog with 1 post/week

– Try to publish 15 posts in a couple of months

– Have a dedicated page for guest authors/ guest posts

– Reach out to relevant blogs for link building opportunities

– You can try to get featured in industry relevant blogs

Once you are getting featured in other blogs, you start getting the much needed traction.

People start taking notice of you and might even reach out to you for guest posting in your website.

That’s precisely what happened to my website after I put in the initial efforts.

Sponsored Content

Brands were happy to submit sponsored content in Remember, this was achieved without having much traffic or even an email list. The website was barely couple of months old, and started getting 1000+ US visits. Most US advertisers look for US audience share before going ahead with sponsored content. This is the most critical aspect when trying to generate some buzz for your blog.

How much time is needed

If you are focused, within 1 or 2 hours you can come up with a decent blog post. And working on your promotions might take you another 30 mins. For a week, you should be dedicating anywhere between 2-4 hours for your blog.

How much money is needed to set up a blog

As technology grows, the cost of running a blog keeps coming down. For a small cost of less than $50/year, you’ll have a fully functional blog.

Tools needed to kick start

To get the initial boost, you should use popular tools like AHREFS to get keyword data. Moreover, if your major source of traffic is from US, it becomes easy to get your initial guest posts from brands (sponsored content)

Target audience/market

The most important decision you’ll make about your blog is the audience. Everyone would agree that US has a higher CPC and as a result see higher spends from advertisers in most of the business verticals.

So, your content should cater to the US audience. It’s prudent to note, the US markets are very mature and competitive in nature.

To conclude, it’s not an easy journey but a worthy one. Once you over come the initial hurdles most people face, you’ll embark on a fabulous journey. Imagine the freedom that you get along with having your own work time and other perks.

One of the best times to have an online presence is today. Make sure you learn the small stuff and see your blog grow with your revenues hitting new highs.

All the best to make your first $100 online. Hop on!

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