How to Ask A Girl To be Your Girlfriend?

It can sometimes be a tad bit difficult to understand girls and it leaves the boys baffled to decode their behavior. There is no sure shot formula to be used for how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, but surely over the time through experience we have come up with little tips and tricks that do work when asking the love of your life this edgy question.


To start with, keeping it simple and casual would be the key because if you are already on good and easy terms its less complicated to ask her out and the possibility of “NO” too lessens.

It is not necessary for you to be the best of friends or close friends, a casual friend who greets each other regularly works too.

To keep the vibe intact make light conversations whenever possible. Never just walk through her even if you pass by the colliders or the sidewalk stop her and talk about work, school, tv shows or any casual topic that pops up in your mind.

This way you are not just keeping it casual but you are also keeping it real.

Interacting alone is great but doing the same in a group setting is also essential if your dream girl is always surrounded by other people, the key is to befriend the group.

Interact with everyone in her group and try being friends with her friends, but all the special attention should be directed towards her.

During this process, one fears of being put in the friend zone, but actually many girls need to feel secure with a person to consider going out with him or taking a relationship any further. Establishment of that trust is imperative for any relationship to work.


Even though we know keeping it casual is a great way but you need to have “THE PLAN” of approach should be in your mind to make all the efforts a success.

The first date should be planned. Like if you ask her to be your girlfriend you should ask her to go somewhere with you too.

The place should be an informal one so you can have sweet little opportunities to converse and get to know each other even better.

A coffee shop or a visit to an exhibition is a good option though if one opts for a movie try to make time for a meal or a coffee so you can talk.

If you want to be little gutsy just ask her to spend the evening or afternoon with you without revealing the actual plan to her.

Insist on paying, and if she is fussy about it you can tell her that since if was your idea and plan to ask her out and so you want to pay.

Try to make your plans informal, interactive and a memorable one for her.


You need to acknowledge the perfect moment to express your feelings cause if you randomly blurt it out, the response might change in a negative way. Find that alone time and brace yourself for the next.

Hold a conversation before you ask the girl to be your girlfriend, it means that do not bring it up as you rush past her somewhere, even if you are the only ones around, look for an opportunity where there are no foreseeable interruptions.

If the opportunity doesn’t come naturally then make one, like when you pass by just say that you want to chat for a bit but avoid acting too serious about it.


Draw attention to the friendly relationship that exists between both of you, this way you can bridge the gap between casual conversations and romantic relationship.

Do not bomb your feelings over her, bring the subject up when you have shared a light moment and you feel good vibes.

Say it the casual way and avoid being over dramatic. Express your feelings sincerely but do not sound jittery.


If she agrees on how well you get along its time for you take the conversation ahead.
Express how you feel about her sincerely without being pushy about it. It is also important that we do not sound shallow or too casual about it missing the cord of sincerity.

Example: “Actually I feel we might be something more than friends. I like you a lot and would really want a chance to date you and take our relationship one step ahead of friendship.”


You need to channel or emotions or to be more precise “HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST“. Whatever the answer is you need to keep your cool, and not overreact in any of the situation.

You would be on cloud nine if it’s a yes but a victory dance would not be needed, but you can surely tell her how nervous you were before asking her this question and how relieved you feel at the moment.

Even if the answer is NO, hold your emotions, accept it graciously do not accuse or cuss her for breaking your heart, even if your emotions are crashing down. Do not plead or demand her to change her mind, instead just her know that you accept her reply and you appreciate her honesty.

Assure her that you value her as a friend and this would not change their friendship, its not wrong to let her know that it has hurt you but still keeping the friendship intact in spite of it would be a proud and strong decision on your part and she may eventually come to like you later.

Expensive gifts and cards are not a way to a girl’s heart; this misconception needs to be changed. All a girl needs is your time, loyalty, the selfless love and those sweet nothings that one does for love.

Girls sometimes can be tricky to understand but all you need is a little effort without rushing it and you are good to hit the perfect cord.

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