How To Become A Celebrity Bodyguard?

Have you ever wondered how to become a celebrity bodyguard? Want to work with your favorite movie star as his/her personal guard? Image all the work that you will be doing to keep your boss and favorite star from others at all times.

And whenever possible you could have some interesting conversations with them. It’s a dream come job for a select few. Do not think that being a bodyguard is relevant only to film stars, the possibilities are limitless. You could be safeguarding a fortune 500’s CEO, a celebrated sports personality, a top sought Venture Capitalist or even a Youtube celebrity. Sounds interesting right?

Do You Need the Education to be a celebrity bodyguard?

How to become a celebrity bodyguard? this really sounds great. Well, the short answer is no. But it always helps you to stand out (and differentiate yourself from others) when it comes to getting your dream job. Always remember that you should be best at whatever you do. And how to become the best at what you do? Follow this simple idea. You will become the best at the intersection of 2 different skills. (Ex: Being Vigilant and Martial Arts)

Imagine that you are already appointed as the chief bodyguard for Angelina Jolie. Now, she’s in a shooting spot and your only role is to make sure she’s not under attack at any given point in time. Also now, you see there’s a sudden chaos in the shooting spot and you are seeing people with guns. You should have the basic human instincts and common sense and make sure you are using your skills that you learnt from Martial arts and protect Angelina. So these 2 skills are what made you the best in the industry. And your star is saved from a life threatening situation.

How to be a celebrity bodyguard with great physical fitness?

Your top priority should be your fitness level. You should be fit to protect your boss 24×7, 365 days a year. It’s a job like no other. So whenever time permits, the first thing you should do is go to the nearest gym and start your workout.

This is your top priority. The best time that you can hit the best gym would be when your star needs some personal time or family time. You need to make sure you are doing all your routine workout in the gym to stay fit. This is the bare minimum. If you ask me, do I need a qualification? Being fit is the first qualification that you can possess. Haven’t you seen them already?

How much does a celebrity bodyguard earn?

Ok, now that you are on your way to becoming a celebrity bodyguard. Your next obvious thing to know is how much does a celebrity bodyguard earn. Here’s what a typical bodyguard earns when he’s working for a celebrity. The average annual income is around $65,000 and keeps increasing every year.

Check average bodygurd salary: pay scale 

Getting your acts together:

As every job requires a set of skill sets. Even bodyguards have their own set of skills that you have to master. Here are a few pointers:
1. Getting your license as a professional bodyguard
2. Getting yourself trained in emergency aid situations or first aid
3. Know the right people to get started with your career
4. Move to where more celebrities are living

How to become a celebrity bodyguard that everyone loves?

It’s like protecting your family members. You should be always there for them yet be discreet and maintain confidentiality about what your boss does. You are the only person who knows more about your star than anyone else in this world. So it’s more crucial for you have these basic ethics. And you are on your way to becoming the celebrity bodyguard for your favorite star.

How to become a celebrity bodyguard who is just awesome?

Anyone can get selected for that role of being a bodyguard. But what differentiates a person from others is being more human. Sometimes, doing your role requires you to go out of your job description and be there for your celebrated person. You should take care of the dog, or pick up their children and what not. The only thing you should remember is this: do what it takes to be that awesome person first and you will eventually be in the good books of your boss.

Do you need some Inspiration to become a celebrity bodyguard?

You can get inspiration from movies. Get to IMDB and see the top rated movies like Vantage point, taken and see how the top security people act and learn from them. Actually, these films are made from doing hours of homework and the film crew reaches out to the top people in every industry (here they reach out to the top security guards) and make a movie. It’s like getting the tips from the best people in the world when it comes to being a celebrity bodyguard.

The benefits of becoming one awesome guard are, they will recommend you to other celebrities they are friends with. And now you know the secret that others would not.

And it’s not guaranteed that you will become a personal guard for that particular star. The industry doesn’t work that way. hope it’s helpful! lets cheers.

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