How To Choose Best Reading Glasses?

Why should you be interested in knowing ‘How to choose reading glasses’?

Let me tell you a quick secret of how to choose reading glasses for all kind of reading face shapes. Most people are not comfortable wearing reading glasses that don’t reflect their personality. Reading glasses are the most important aspect someone notices in you when they first see you.

And that’s what decides, how you come across as a presentable person. So now, you understand the importance of wearing a glass that suits your face. But this is not the only one. There are other factors like your soft skills, your personality and how you carry yourself at all times.

You might be thinking let me first work on finding the best pair of reading glasses that suits my face and then work on the other things like the spoken skills and whatever. Are you getting restless by now? Ok, is there a secret recipe to find ‘how to choose reading glasses to suit your face?’

The answer is actually yes. Read on to know the best practices and always keep these pointers in mind when you head out for your next purchase of your reading glasses.

What you’ll learn from this?

Pay attention to this section as this is the most important part of the blog. Here you’ll learn the importance of knowing different face shapes and types. Best glasses for face shapes and types.

There are more than 8 face types and shapes in general. But the vast majority of them fall under one among the top 5 face shapes which are discussed in detail below.

What are the different face shapes?

Rounded Rectangle

You will most probably fall under one of the following face types as mentioned earlier. These are the most common five face shapes.


Your task now is simple: make yourself familiar with these face types and see which one you fall under. And keep note of it, because it’ll be handy when you plan to buy a pair of reading glasses for yourself.

Here’s are tips that will help you how to choosing reading glasses which suits to your face type:

Now, let’s look at which frames mix and match perfectly which face types.

Square Face Type:

how to choose reading glassesFeatures of a Square face type: This type of face usually has strong facial features such as the broad forehead with a strong jawline that’s usually horizontal.

How to choosing reading glasses: step by step process to do’s and dont’s

Do’s for

A perfect round or an oval reading glasses

A dark and a bold color frame

Dont’s for:

Professionals would tell you to avoid light colored frames and square shapes

Celebrities with square face shape:


Lady Gaga

Demi Moore

Heart Face Type:

heart face type glass

Features – A broad forehead that usually complements the small chin.


An oval or a round shaped reading glasses

Thin frames with light color that will be a perfect match for the chin


Be careful not to choose a dark frame or a frame that carries a heavy design

Celebrities with heart face shape:

Scarlett Johansson

Reese Witherspoon

Halle Berry

Oval Face Type:

choosing reading glasses

Features – This is considered as one of the most versatile face types where the jawline that’s curved is a little narrower compared to the forehead.


Any frame style would suit this face type. But you can try a square or a round frame

Also, both darker shade frames and lighter shade frames suit this face shape


You’ll look good when you avoid oversized frames and shapes

Celebrities with oval face shape:

Salma Hayek

Julianne Moore

Tina Fey

Round Face Type:

round fact type

Features – The only face type that has full cheeks and a wide forehead with a round chin.


An angular frame with a square shape which is also strong will be ideal


Avoid any frame that’s too small or short. Also, a strict no to round glasses

Celebrities with round face shape:

Diamond Face Type:

Features – Typically these type of faces have wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead. Known for the angular jaw line.


A rimless frame or an oval frame will be a perfect fit for this face type

Frames that come with stronger brow lines are also ideal


Avoid choosing the narrow or thin frames that look very odd for the face type

Celebrities with diamond face shape:

Audrey Tautou

Elizabeth Hurley

Kourtney Kardashian

Consider buying one for yourself:-

These are the thumb rules you need to keep in mind before making a purchase decision.

Resources that might be useful for further understanding the topic of ‘how to choose reading glasses to suit your face’

Need more inspiration and resources that will help you? Start following big brands in the space like Ray-Ban on Pinterest and on Instagram to get to know more about the best ways How to choose the reading glasses off here we listed now your choice!

Your takeaway:

Always try to learn from the best people in the industry and take a suggestion from them. All these tips listed above will help you in shortlisting the best reading glasses for your face type. If there’s one point I want you to walk away with, this is it – remember which face type you belong to and choose the reading glasses accordingly. And I’m sure you’ll go on to rock your next interview or your next date. You will literally be better than most people when you learn to pick the right reading glasses. But just remember this, there’s much more to your personality than choosing the right coolers or reading glasses.

Do let me know which face type you belong to and which frame you use for your personality.