How To Make A Spear In The Forest

The spear is one of the oldest weapons used by humans. Initially, it used to be a sharpened stick with a fire baked pointed tip. With the invent of modern weapons nowadays, the spear has become less common but what if it’s a necessity then I can assure you that it will useful for survival setting in case of emergency how to make a spear in the forest?

There are 3 ways to make a spear in the forest

How to make a spear by a branch or a pole:

Step 1 : First you need to find a branch/pole. When you are looking for a branch make sure it is as tall as you or a few inches taller to give you a better reach.

The beach should be 1.5-2 inches in diameter. Hardwoods are best for the purpose for example oak. To sharpen the spear you need to rub is against some rough surface such as stone or a sidewalk.

Step 2: You need to carve a pointed tip for your spear by carving a point at the tip by making even strokes using a knife or a rough stone.

A pointed tip is a must for the spear so now you need to find a sharp stone such as a flint. Just in case you can’t find one get a large rock the size of a blade, and chisel to make a sharp point with barbs.

Make a notch in the stick with a rock and use vine to secure it. Make the strokes away from your face to avoid Injury.

Step 3 : Build a small fire by simply gathering dry leaves and woods and use the method of rubbing stones against each other which will create friction resulting in fire to bake the tip of your spear.

Once you are done with the point of the spear, you need to bake it. This process of fire hardening is simply drying the wood out to make it lighter and harder.

Moist wood is soft dry wood is hard. By doing that you are simply removing all the moisture from the wood.

How to make a Knife Spear:

Step 1: For making a knife Spear, deceased trees are always ideal because that will be easy to cut but tough enough to be used as a weapon. Avoid using green wood for making a knife spear. Find a limb which has a diameter of approx 2.5 cm

Step 2: Chop off all the extra knobs and make a clean handle so that it doesn’t prick while holding and should have a tight and comfortable grip as well

Step 3: Now create a shelf for the knife. First you need to choose which end are you going to use as a knife then Using a sharp knife, cut long, thin, vertical strips off the branch until you are left with a shelf for the knife.

Creating a shelf will give support to your spear and will add to the security as well. Also, brace the branch against another tree to make it safer.

Step 4: Find a rope or cordage and tie one end of it to a tree trunk and other to and other end around the knife and the branch Walk away until the line is taught. Then, using your body weight to keep the line taught, start wrapping the rope around the knife.

Wrap the rope all the way up to the shaft of the knife. For extra security make another pass back down the handle. Tie a simple knot in the end.

How to do grafting on a store bought Spearhead

Step 1: Buy a Spearheads from a blade-smiths online or purchase it from a local knife shop if your city has one. Purchased spearheads may not be pre-sharpened. You could sharpen the blade yourself if you like or get it sharpened from a shop

Step 2: You need to find a suitable haft. The “haft” of a spear is simply the pole to which the spearhead is attached. “Hafting,” is the act of attaching a spearhead to a handle.

If you spent money on a nice spearhead, chances are you’ll want to shell out the extra money for a decent ash pole.

Depending on the thickness of the haft, you may have to taper one end in order to properly secure the spearhead.

Make sure you only carve enough to fit the spearhead; carve too much and you will have a gap between the haft and the spearhead resulting in a loose fit.

Step 3 : Check the fit of the spearhead. Put the spearhead on the haft making sure the fit is snug. Your spearhead may come with holes in the “socket,” the hollowed end that fits over the haft.

Using a marker or pencil, mark on the haft where the holes fall. You will be drilling a small hole here to secure the spearhead.

Step 4 : Now Attach the spearhead. You can secure the spearhead with a short nail or a pin. Alternatively, you may simply use glue if you do not have access to a drill.
If there are multiple holes in the spearhead socket, make sure you drill straight through the haft, otherwise, the pin will be out of alignment with the socket holes.

Drive a short nail through the holes securing the spearhead to the haft. Secure one end of the nail using either a pair of pliers or a vice. This is to stabilize the spear while you hammer the other end of the nail.

Using a ball-peen hammer, tap around the head of the nail until it flattens out, causing a rivet and locking the nail in place. Repeat this process on the opposite side until both ends of the nail are securely fastened.

Try these hacks and let me know your experience. We will be back soon with more interesting DIY.

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