How To Read Product Dimensions OF A Box or A Book


    Do you know how to read product dimensions? It is always good to know some basics of every subject. It will help you in understanding the subject matter in a short time.

    And incidentally, I’ve seen many of us are stuck when it comes to reading the dimensions of a box or a book. The reason for you to learn ‘How to read product dimensions of a box’ can be many. Here are some pointers that will help you how to read product dimensions.

    How to read product dimensions?

    Here few products listed to measure

    Let us say you are browsing through a product catalog in an e-commerce store and the following dimensions are mentioned.

    Product X: 40 x 10 x 70 inches.

    And you want to know what those dimensions mean. What do you infer from this product description? Struck?

    Nothing to worry, usually there’s a general order (Length x Width x Height) most of the products follow. So in this case, 40 inches indicates length, 10 inches for the width and 70 inches in the height.

    Isn’t Simple?

    How to read product dimensions of books?

    To read product dimension of a Box

    You’ve ordered some of the bestselling physical books on Amazon right? So, if you take a close look at the description section of the book, you will notice the dimension of the book. For example: If these are the dimensions – 4 x 1 x 6 inches. What do you infer from this?

    A very basic thing for us to understand is that most of the products in the market do follow a standard way to measure them. And the rule of thumb is this, as mentioned in the earlier example: (l x w x h). I’m sure you have read about it in your Math class and you lost touch with the concept.

    Our common sense tells us that 4 inches in length (wide – from one edge to the other), 1 inch in width (thick) and 6 inches in height(tall – top to bottom)

    Let us look into another example of how to read product dimensions of a bench.

    Here are the numbers: 48 x 25 x 38 inches.

    Reference: measure a box

    Can you take a guess what these stands for? Ok, here’s a general rule when you want to read the dimensions of a bench. Length x Width x Height.

    So now you know how to read product dimensions of a bench easily right?

    Ok, now you know the basics, let us dig a bit into ‘how to read product dimensions of a box’

    Maybe you are looking to venture into e-commerce and sell something in the Amazon marketplace. And when you are shipping your products to the end customers, you need to know how to order the packaging box.

    Based on the dimensions of the product you sell, you will be able to order a box that will suit your purpose.

    Remember the rule of thumb always. Length x Width x Height.

    Now, there can be different dimensions of boxes available in the market. What do you do now? It’s very simple. Just look at this example given below and you’ll clearly understand how to read product dimensions of a box.


    If you follow the basic thumb rule that I’ve been talking about in this article, you will know how to read product dimensions irrespective of the product. And even if you are planning to become an entrepreneur by setting up a shop in Amazon, knowing how to read this product catalogue will help you in a great way when you are shipping your products to customers. After all who doesn’t want to sell on Amazon and make some good money?
    If you are still stuck in anything related to reading the dimensions, do let me know and I’ll try to help you.


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