Modern Prefab Homes Under 100K

You know how the city life is- full of people, lots of noise and this and that. It’s fun. However, it can be a pain several time too. Owning your own homes, living outside the city, away from the endless traffic- jams is simply beautiful! You can see yourself daydream about the peace you’ll get already, right? You can have a wide porch just to watch the sun rise and set- what more do you need? So Check out top 6 Modern Prefab Homes Under 100K who is constructing.

Of course, you do not have to build prefabricated homes outside the city or in any remote location. However, money is always a concern. We as the common people always think about money before building ourselves our homes. Prefab homes are the solution for to get past this train of ruminating about money

Here are 6 modern prefab homes under 100k which will help you build yourself your dream home right away!

1. Clayton Homes

Their sleek homes, available all across the globe will not hurt your pocket much and comes with several green goods like dual- flush toilets, metal roof- allowing rainwater harvesting, great insulation, tankless water heater and so on. Their price ranges from 1ook and more. Yes, there are cheaper prefab homes. However, the returns are not as good as prefab homes.

2. Sage built homes by Green One Construction Services is regarded as ‘the first Hybrid Zero

Net- Energy development in the nation of Ore.’ It’s just the right choice for individuals who are energy- efficient to the extreme level. Their homes have the facility of solar energy with the help of solar panels and so on. Drawback being, their homes are preferred by regions where it’s home most of the time! Their homes are big enough to accommodate all. And have CFL lighting, high- value insulation, triple- glazed windows and so on. Their price for a 3-BHK is somewhere around $260,000.

3. 100k House Project by Postgreen

 Homes by Postgreen are usually named after the price of the house’s construction. Their houses of low budgets have dual- flush toilets, solar hot water systems, good insulation and ventilation and so on. Above all, their homes are great t look at and the people are very customer- friendly.

4. Meritage Homes

Based in Ariz offers affordable green homes with low- VOC finishes, energy efficiency, Puron Refrigerant in ACs and CFL lighting. Their homes have everything you need- insulation, ventilation, energy- efficient facilities, affordability and so on.

5. Eco- cottages by Osprey

These prefab homes are definitely too tiny to live in 24*7 but, are great as vacation homes or guest houses. However, it’s just the right place for single people or people who believe in togetherness! Their homes are cozy, green and fun to live in. The price is just fine as per the facilities- a 1BHK with high energy- efficiency, great insulation, long life metal roofs, bamboo flooring and solar panels. The final cost depends upon the choices you make.

6. Champion Prefabs

Champion Prefabs is one of the leading prefabricated home builders from India. It’s a modern prefabricated homes manufacturer, with it’s headquarters in Bangalore, India. They specialise in prefab cottages, wooden homes, container homes, steel structures and so on. Champion Prefabs has one prime aim- to curb global warming as much as possible by starting from home! It builds

Champion Prefabs has one prime aim- to curb global warming as much as possible by starting from home! It builds Modern Prefab Homes Under 100K with whatever you need- plenty of windows for ventilation, built- in Energy Star features including, high-performance insulation, appliances and so on. You can also customized your home with Champion Prefabs.

Above all, their homes go through 35+ quality checks, making sure you live safe.

Best of all- the construction process is quick and crisp and their homes are built as per your budget with no compromise in the quality.


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