Top 5 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love!

Top 5 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love

Are you a woman looking for a perfume that will help attract men towards you? Let me help you identify the best perfumes for women that men love most of the times. We’ll stick to the general rule of thumb.

You’ll be confused with the sheer number of perfume choices that are available today. Not everyone knows which perfume to pick for their personality.

This is a little effort from my side to help you to find out the best perfume for you. And remember that this will help you get your first date or may crack that interview. Also, it’ll help boost your self-confidence in a great way.

If you have male friends, ask them if they judge a woman based on her perfume. The answer is yes. Most men prefer women who smell nice and smelling good is possible when you choose the right one for yourself.

Let me quickly help you understand the difference between perfume, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne.

The main difference between these products is the concentration of oils each product has. So the highest concentration goes for perfumes and the next is eau de toilette followed by eau de cologne.

Here are the best perfumes for women that men actually love and also turn guys on the moment you cross them.

  1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker:–

Lovely is one of the best perfumes that any woman can think about. It has got everything in the right mix from the softness to being crisp. You’ll notice that this SJP perfume will last the whole day and the USP is that, it can be worn by young women and old women alike. Also when you wear this perfume, you’ll come across as a mature person in front of your man.

I can easily say that SJP is the best perfume for women and beyond. If you are looking to impress that guy, go ahead and invest in this perfume right away.

Tip: – If you are looking to buy a similar perfume, I’d suggest you go for Narciso Rodriguez which comes in a pink bottle. Both of these are a perfect fit for any occasion and the best perfumes for the wedding day as well.

2.Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

If you’ve already tried too many perfumes and are not happy, this one for you. You’ll love this perfume in an instant because of it’s clean and light smell.

This Eau de Parfum is one of the perfumes men love the most which is also a top competitor in the perfume space. This is one among the top perfumes men find attractive. The day you start using this perfume, you’ll get lots of compliments.

Take note of, one of the best perfumes for women that men love and try it in the store next to you and maybe if you are convinced, place an order with Amazon with some coupon codes to get an additional discount on the product.

3.Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Available in the market from the fall of 2012, this perfume is one of the top women’s perfumes that attract men. It’s interesting to note that this fragrance is built on the concept of simple beauty and breaking free from the convention. Also, this one’s hit the market after 3 years in R&D and 5000 versions. That speaks for itself, isn’t it?

You will not be disappointed for a simple reason that it has been one of the top seller’s in the country and you’ll feel the difference when you wear this perfume.

This is one of the top most seductive perfume that’s available in the market right now. Give it a try and most of the guys would fall for this particular fragrance.

4.Happy By Clinique For Women

The fragrance is unique in a true sense and known to be refreshing, light and has a citrus aroma. A contemporary perfume for the modern chic in you.

As with any perfume, there are factors like your skin type (dry or oil) that will make the perfume stay longer. This is one of the best perfume for women that men love that has the power to change things like your mood and reduce the stress levels.

Get ready as you’ll receive way more compliments than ever. And it’s always nice to be noticed by the man of your love, isn’t it?

5.Marc Jacobs Daisy

This particular perfume consists of blends of vanilla, jasmine, musk, and grapefruit. If you are looking for something different and also one that’s not too strong, this perfume will be perfect for you.

Imagine this perfume shouting ‘pick-me-up’ when you go in front of your man! He can’t hide his feelings and that’s for sure. See your guy go crazy for you whenever you wear this perfume.


they’re  so many perfumes competing for your attention. You can probably try each of the above-listed perfumes by going to the local malls. Head right away to the nearest store and see what works best for you and also see which fits well within your budget.

I’m sure you would find a guy of your taste who fall in love with you when you start using one of the above. And also see your confidence level skyrocket.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and also want to choose one the best perfumes for women that men love, do not compromise on the quality. Even if the price is a bit on the higher side, just go for it.

If you are a guy, do you have a preferred perfume that you love to see a woman use? Leave it as a comment and you might help the opposite sex. Remember to share the good stuff.

If you are a woman, do tell us which your favorite perfume is. And this will help other women find their guy. And maybe guys will get some idea what to gift to their girlfriends there to be wife.


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