10 Updated Good Numbers To Prank Call

Here you go! top 10 Updated Numbers To Prank Call, Pranking someone is one of the best ways to have an amazing light moments and fits of laughter with friends and family. Whereas,

there can be times when we run out of ideas to prank peopleor the ones up our sleeves have become pretty monotonous. So here are some new ideas that you need to make a note of.


This article is not meant to be offensive and hurt the sentiments of people. These pranks are just meant for fun and has no intentions
to upset or hurt someone.
Before pulling on these jokes we need to be a little handy with all the ideas for better result and not be caught fast. Firstly you need
to choose the person, it can be friends, family or any random person. Though it is very important to understand the limits when you
are going ahead with the prank. When you disclose the truth there should be no kind of enmity and it should all be in the light fun mood
cause we cannot deny that every human is not the same and they perceive things differently. So it is all upon you as to what to speak to
whom and handle them in the best possible way.

1. BE THE COP: (it’s a great way to prank someone and would be better if you choose someone you know )

• YOU- GOOD MORNING, am I speaking to (insert friends name), I am (insert name) from (insert fake police station name).
• YOU-I wanted to inform you that a complaint has been filed against you for assaulting your coworker (insert some coworkers name).
• FRIEND-NO, I have not assaulted anyone
• YOU- But he has reported the same against you.
• FRIEND- I am sure there is some kind of misunderstanding or mistake.
• YOU- It would be better if you come over and settle the issue or some strict action would be taken against you. (hang up).

2. PRETEND TO BE HIS CRUSH: (this can end up being super hilarious if done right)

• YOU-HEY,I don’t know if you recognizing my voice, I am (crush’s name)
• FRIEND-HEY (would be shocked for sure)
• YOU- I have been trying to talk to you since long about my feelings never really got a chance. But it not the best idea to talk
about it here. Can we meet?
• FRIEND- Yes sure (definitely jumping with joy).
• YOU- Mention a place to meet ( a coffee shop maybe). Looking forward to meet you. Bye
• YOU- (hang up)

3. CHOOSE A NUMBER OR SEVERAL NUMBERS AND PLAY THE 51 GAME (better to play it with people you know)

• YOU- CONGRAUALTIONS, your numbers has been chosen as the lucky number, name 51 dishes in 51 seconds and 51 thousand! Your time starts now, ready go!
• YOU- hear them complete the challenge and then hang up it would be hilarious to see their reaction to not get the reward after their pretty hard work I suppose.

4. TIME FOR SOME ILLEGAL PRANK ( do it with the friend staying with his/her parents)

• YOU- HI, is this MISS CATLYN ?
• YOU- I am speaking from (insert some courier service name) to inform you that your ordered pack of weed and hash has been processed and shipped, it will arrive today itself.
• CATLYN- WHAT? Its not possible I haven’t ordered anything at all, must be some kind of misunderstanding.
• YOU-YES you have and for the record it has been paid for the same.
• CATLYN- Do not deliver it my parents would be so mad.
• YOU- I am sorry CATLYN, but as per my system it has already been dropped t your place 10 minutes ago.(hang up)

5. DIAL SOMEONE AND ASK FOR THE WALL’S FAMILY (or any other making a funny name)

• YOU- HEY, can I speak to MR WALL?
• CALL- There is no Mr wall here .
• YOU- are there no walls in your walls in your house?
• YOU- WHAT? What keeps in standing then (hand up).

6. PRETEND TO BE AN RADIO JOCKEY( lets shower them with some gifts)

• YOU-HEY, I am speaking from (insert a radio station name) and I am here to inform you have been gifted with the voucher of 25K.
• YOU –You can shop whatever you want so you must come and collect it from (provide some random address).
• CALL- *excited excited
• YOU- CONGRATULATIONS! And happy shopping (hang up).

7. LETS MAKE THE BACHELOR PARTY A LITTLE MORE FUN (some striper dancers maybe)

• YOU- HEY, am I talking to SAM ?
• SAM- YES, speaking
• YOU- I am speaking from (insert a company name) and your booking for the dancers for your bachelor party on Friday has been confirmed.
• SAM- There must be a mistake cause I haven’t made any booking of that sort.
• YOU-YES, you have sir in the name of Samuel snow and the payments are done. And they are the best dancers that we have .SIR, do you want us to cancel it ?
• SAM -It has been booked and paid and also the best that you have. (let him think ) though my fiancée won’t approve it ,but since its confirmed I will take it.
• YOU- THAT IS GREAT! So now we shall confirm your fiancé that you have approved of it. (hang up)

8. ONE FOR THE HORNY FRIEND ( do it when parents are home, the reaction is going to be priceless)

• YOU- Hii (mention friends name), I am from (mention the nearest medical store).
• LINE- yes, Speaking.
• YOU- Your order has been sent to your house.
• LINE- What order? I never made one
• YOU- You did sir a pack of condoms and it has been delivered .
• LINE-No I never did. My parents are home.
• YOU – Sorry sir it has already been delivered (hang up)


• YOU- HARRY ITS MIA (Panting)
• HARRY- YES, what happened why do you sound like that
• YOU- Some people are running after me, please come and save me
• YOU- (give some random address) hang up.
It would be amazing to see your friend take a long drive to save no one.


• YOU- HEY SAMAIRA, I am calling from (mention a company) and you have the chance to meet your favourite start.
• YOU-YES and you need to answer one simple question
• SAMAIRA-YES what is the question?
• YOU- How do you make holy water?
• SAMAIRA- Ummm I don’t know maybe get the gods blessing into the water.
• YOU- You boil the hell out of it! I am sorry you just lost the chance to meet your favourite star. (hang up)

The sole purpose of this article is to have a hearty laugh with your friends and family and does not intend to hurt or offend anyone.

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