What to Know Before Buying a Fire Pit Online

What to Know Before Buying a Fire Pit Online

People who spend more time outdoors make the most of a fire pit during the winter months. And when it is springtime or summer, they turn their backyard into a nice spot for roasting marshmallows and weenies, sharing ghost stories, and discussing with friends. 

Can you imagine a gathering on the patio without any fire? Boring, right? People will lose interest quickly and disperse. Fire pits bring warmth, spark discussions and creativity, and ignite passion. They can also be relaxing and mesmerizing when you keep staring at them for some time. 

But before you shop for a fire pit online, you need to do a bit of research, then decide where you will place it. You also need to know the material it is made of and how it works. Most importantly, check if it complies with the environmental guidelines and laws of your location. From your findings, you will realize that the pit is not just any hole dug in the ground. 

Tips for Buying Fire Pit Online 

Here are some helpful tips for buying a pit online: 

1. Decide on the Style 

You can make your fire pit the center of attraction in your yard, except you just want to dig a hole for roasting a pig. There are different styles in the market, ranging from the basic metal to elaborate bowls, multifunctional and multi-level systems that combine beverage coolers and fire pits. You can also find a square unit that looks like a low table with space atop for a plate or drink. 

2. Check Out the Laws Guiding Wood Burning 

If the fire pit uses wood, you cannot use it on a covered porch, under a low branch, or in a windy area. Consider checking the homeowner’s association in your location for restrictions on outdoor fireplaces or wood-burning. Some places impose fines if the rules are violated while others have laws that restrict people under 18 years to tend to fire.  

Furthermore, environmental agencies and scientists are raising awareness on the side effects of inhaling the smoke that comes from burning wood. There are programs that provide information as well as incentives to not only educate but also reduce pollution caused by burning wood.  

Such programs include Burn Wise from EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Healthy Hearths by AQMD (Air Quality Management District) of the South Coast of South California. You may want to visit https://www.epa.gov/burnwise/frequent-questions-about-wood-burning-appliances to learn more. 

3. Determine the Fuel Type 

Wood may be a good choice if you like the crackling sound of fire as well as an aroma that lingers on hair and clothes. An average-sized log measures about 24 inches. Therefore, ensure that the fire pit can contain such logs. 

Also, you can use natural gas or propane pits on porches that have overhead roofs. They are usually neater because you won’t need to deal with woodpiles, debris, smoke, or ashes. 

4. Decide on the Material 

It is important to choose a material that is durable because you want to use the pit for a long time. Copper stains easily while cast aluminum will rust over time. However, cast iron will make a good choice because it is solid, even though it is heavy. 

5. Make a Budget 

You can easily find a budget-friendly pit. But if you want a model that uses very expensive materials, get ready to spend more money. Also, a customized pit that features natural stone, as well as other custom features, may cost thousands of dollars. 

6. Determine if You Want a Portable or a Permanent Unit 

This depends on your location, the materials used in making the unit, and your budget. If you will fix the unit in your backyard, you can opt for a permanent installation. But if it is a rented apartment or you move a lot, you can go for the portable model. You can easily carry it around wherever there is a gathering. 

7. Take Safety Measures 

When it comes to fire, our common sense must prevail. But we still need to ensure safety when tending to recreational fires in our backyard. Ensure that every member of your household knows the rules. Do not also leave kids alone around the fireplace. You may want to read this article to learn more about safety practices. 


Fire pits make our gatherings come alive, which makes them essential items in the yard. So, before you purchase online, ensure you go over the tips shared in this article. 


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